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Sustainable Agriculture In Oklahoma

Poultry Waste Management

Poultry waste management education includes nine hours of initial waste management training. The nine training modules are the following:

  • Waste management regulations
  • Soil and litter testing and evaluation; litter spreader calibration
  • Understanding the animal waste management plan
  • Environmental background
  • Poultry litter nutrient management
  • Phosphorus in poultry production and advances in technology
  • Convservation practices and BMPs
  • Using the animal waste management plan and farm records
  • Poultry litter marketing
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Poultry waste management education also includes three hours of continuing education. Classes, tours, seminars, and field days are developed by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service in cooperation with other state agencies.

The Oklahoma Litter Market website addresses the issues of poultry litter sale and application. For more general information see the www.poultrywaste.okstate.edu website.

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