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Sustainable Agriculture In Oklahoma

Training Opportunities




The OkSARE Professional Development Program now has available a form which County Agriculture Educators and other agriculture professionals in Oklahoma can use to request assistance to attend workshops and other trainings.  Simply print and fill out the form, then fax or mail to Janelle Malone or Kefy Desta, 368 Ag Hall, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 74078.  Our fax number is (405) 744-0354.

To access the form, click here.

If you are interested in the information presented at the recent Sustainable Blackberry Production workshop click on the topics below.....

Sustainable Blackberry Production -- Kefy Desta

Blackberries and Health -- Lucas

Blackberry Fertilization and Weed Control -- Gray

Blackberry Basics and Cultivars -- Stafne

Blackberry Diseases -- Smith

Blackberry Production Budgets -- Sahs

Blackberry Insects -- Mulder

Blackberry Irrigation -- Kizer

Additional pertinent information may be obtained by visiting these websites....

Arkansas blackberries: http://www.aragriculture.org/horticulture/fruits_nuts/Blackberries/licensedprop.htm

Pesticide labels: www.cdms.net




Midwest Commercial Small Fruit and Grape Spray Guide: http://www.hort.purdue.edu/hort/ext/sfg/sfg_sprayguide.html

If you are interested in accessing some of the information presented at the Enhancing the Adoption of Organic Production Workshop held in October 2008, please click on the topics below....

Organic Rules & Regulations                                        Organic Recordkeeping

Organic Vegetable Production                                      Hoop Houses

Organic Marketing                                                           Organic History

Organic Insect Control                                                    Organic Disease Control

Organic Weed Control                                                     Organic Soils I

Organic Soils II                                                                  Organic Soils III

ControlledTraffic I                                                             Controlled Traffic II

ControlledTraffic III                                                           Cover Crops I

Cover Crops II

For educational programs and training opportunities in your area, please contact your local county extension office or visit --


Additional training programs and information can be found by visiting the Kerr Center website: 


For a list of upcoming events of interest in our state, please visit this site courtesy of the Oklahoma Department of Food and Forestry:





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